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 Anti hacker guid

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PostSubject: Anti hacker guid   Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:57 pm

Hi every1, i posted this earlier, but that was just in another thread, somewhere below..
So probly no one would see and read it. Cuz it contains i think all info need about how to catch a cheater. Here it is:

How to catch an Aimbotter:

- If the player aims automatically at the head.
- If he has got wallhack (where you can look through walls with).
- If he can turns 48 degrees turn without doing anything.
- Most of the time aimbotters crouch while shooting 1 vs 1. Nonbotters (we) run left-right-left-right (aimbotters who know the game well, will crouch).

How to catch Autoaimbotters:

- When the player can make a 180 degrees turn without doing anything.
- When the player always aims at the head (most of the time, they only gotta shoot 4 to 6 bullets).
- If he has got wallhack (where you can look through walls with).
- If he can walk with a zoomed-in snipergun (is called Scopewalking).
- Sometimes the player doesn't even has to shoot, sometimes the autoaimbot just shoot by itself, while the real guy is'just watching while the autoaimbot does everything.

Some Oldskool (a name for several kinds of bots together) Bots:

- GL-Hook
- Skullcrusher
- Iprokka 0.3 (or 0.2)
- Icebot
- N7-Lite (is wallhack + aimbot)

Some Autoaimbots:

- Crushr 666 Flex
- Crushr 0.3 (or 0.2)
- Whitelight
- EThook.32
- RShook
- Nexus
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Anti hacker guid

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