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 engineer mines tatics

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PostSubject: engineer mines tatics   Sat Jun 11, 2011 7:59 pm

1st the type of mines..

M-mines - available in all mods they are the most simple and well known kind of mines
P-mines - in some mods (jaymod for ex.) you have poison mines.. these, when stepped on release a cloud of poison the slowly kills the enemy.. but unless you are there to add some extra bullets
he will probably be able to run from the smoke without much damage.. so there is limited purpose for this type of mine.. 1 purpose that I can advice is to put it in corners where enemies like to hide.. that will make them run out, effectively disabling their hiding stop..
S-Mines - (Bouncing Betties) in some mods, this type of mine once stepped of.. will jump and explode in mid air.. having a much more effective blast if blowing in the ground.. this is the one you should use as soon as it is available for your XP..

But independently of the mod, or mine type available the trick for mines is location, location, location..

2nd include it on tactics..

people often dismiss the importance of mines and give them a minor role on the field.. most of times placing the in the back around the objective while they go to the front lines..
but a problem they seem to ignore is that mines are not intelligent nor have legs.. that means.. that if a enemy is able to kill you.. and run to the objective.. they are not capable of adjusting the game... if enemy takes alternate route or aim for the engineer instead of the medic or chase the enemy if he falls back.. so the change of success of a defending mine is 50/50 while you are getting owned in the front line..

so is always preferable to place mines in the front of you.. that will disrupt the paths that the enemy may take, and if he still passes, we will probably only have half the health for you to take.. this will you are defending the objective and making the proper calls about where and how you should defend it..

so remember.. always put the mines between you and the enemy, not on your back..

3nd make them all count

independently of the limit mines are finite.. so you should make every one count.. don't waste mines if you consider the a mine as a trigger radius and a blast radius.. any other mine inside that radius is serving no useful purpose.. they will both get triggered at the same time, behaving like a single 500 damage mine when you only need about 100+ to kill someone.. so is definitely an overkill.. and since they all get triggered. you will probably get just one kill.. and anybody else will be able to pass on that path..

So NEVER, EVER to this

4th minefields

you know that dropping a bunch of mines together does not make a very efficient kill.. but some times it doesn't even make one kill.. because if you are dealing with a good player he will probably know where mines usually are.. and jump over that place.. not only that but if he as fast enough reflexes we may jump over them as soon as he sees them.. so the trick is.. get him when he lands...
make a mine field deep enough so he cant just jump over.. so put at least two lines of mines.. even if he jumps over the 1st he will land on the second..
of course you may be thinking that to do that you must waist a lot of mines.. but remember that mines have a trigger radius.. and with the imprecise running of the players.. that radius is pretty large.. so you can put mines very far apart.. but try not to leave a gap that the enemy may land on and walk away..

I normally use a kind of zig-zag layout for my mine fields

5th suprise

As I said, you should try to put mines is the path between you and you enemy.. but a lonely mine in enemy land.. can be easily spotted.. unless you "hide it".. when I mean "hide it" I don't mean put it on a corner where no one will see it (because that means it probably wont get stepped on also).. I mean put it on a place where, when they see it its to late to do anything to avoid it..
So the best place is around corners.. and to find out exactly where.. just run back.. do the path you would normally do if you where playing for the other side.. and every time you bend a corner or a crate.. hide a mine where you just stepped.. you'll easily find that getting a killing spree with mines is not that hard..

Trace back your steps!

And leave them a surprise
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engineer mines tatics

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