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 W:ET Demo Tutorial

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PostSubject: W:ET Demo Tutorial   Wed Dec 21, 2011 7:55 pm

Hi guys,I post ''Demo Tutorial'' here and this can be use for recording hacker or aimbotters.

/record - Starts a Demo

/record ??? - Records a demo and names it ??? (replace ??? with what ever you want it to be called)

/stoprecord - Stop records

/r_shownormals 1 - If you are trying to catch a wallhacker. Use /r_shownormals 1 It acts like an inbuilt wallhack that can only be used if 1. The server has been devmapped (cheats are enabled) or 2 you are watching a demo. It gives you alot of help when you are trying to catch a wallhacker like if you are trying to see if the person that has been suspected of wallhacking is Tracing through walls or Pre-Firing.

/demo ??? - plays the demo that you have selected (replace the xxx with a demo name)

To find recorded demos depends on what mod you recorded them in. So if you recorded a demo in ETPub it will be in your ETPub folder, in a folder called demo's. If you were in a jaymod server it would be in your jaymod folder in a folder called demo's. The basic install path is:

C Drive > Program files > Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory > (ETpub)

Its in brackets because what ever mod you recorded it on will replace what is in brackets. Like ETBlight or jaymod.
If you try to play a demo ingame, eg. (you press the replays button on your main menu) and nothing comes up. Thats because you need to have the mod running you recorded it in. If you recorded it in a jaymod server, quickly go into a jaymod server and disconnect then click replays.

{UBS}Uchiha Lian
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W:ET Demo Tutorial

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